ADRECI is an independent think-and-do tank championing sustainable Afrocentric solution to Africa’s intractable problems. Our vision (of a sustainable, prosperous and peaceful Africa) is focused on overcoming poverty and inequality, promoting sustainability, and addressing violent conflicts and fragility in Africa. We believe these are perhaps Africa’s most important challenges of the 21st century, and since they are critically interlinked, we must deal with them together or else failure in one adversely affect progress in the others.  We endeavour to find the best tools and approaches to unlock Africa’s potential and accelerate sustainable development, resilience and peace. Our mission therefore entails building tailored solutions and evidence to support local priorities and effective decision-making.  Thus, we undertake scientific research and work diligently to contextualise this knowledge to provide working insights that help stakeholders to holistically and better understand local context and dynamics to improve the quality and effectiveness of their well-meaning interventions. It is our core believe that without this, and continuing with the disconnected approaches, the investments targeted at facilitating solutions to Africa’s challenges are likely to yield little benefits (if any) beyond the cosmetic temporary touches on the fringes. In the long run, an even larger population of Africans usually end up in dire positions, and other parts of the world, near and far, feel the impacts of this. Working collaboratively and cooperatively with a wide range of partners, we hope to bridge this critical gap, and enhance the impact of internal and external investments for the sustainable development (prosperity) and peace of Africa.

The script for our motivation and how we do our work is based on a set of core values that spell ‘SCRIPT’: Sustainability, Creativity, Respect for diversity, Integrity & Independence, Professionalism, and Teamwork.